19" Baby Jess Pattern - Joy's Waldorf Dolls

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Sew a Waldorf-inspired doll from this wonderful pattern designed by Joy Chambers.

This is a pattern for a 19" weighted, life-sized baby doll that wears newborn clothes. When finished the doll weighs nearly 3 1/2 pounds and sits on its own. Pattern is for a doll, footy sleeper and hat, diaper and 8 baby style wig making directions. Pattern instructions are comprehensive and step-by-step photo illustrated.

The material list is shown in an additional photo for this pattern. You can find all the supplies needed in the Doll Making section of our website or purchase a complete, custom Baby Jess Doll Making Kit.

Why is this an ADVANCED pattern?

You will be making sand pouches and stitching each of them onto the inside of the torso and legs which creates a challenge when stitching the legs to the torso. The shaped buttocks are created with a gusset, stuffed in a particular manner and sculpted with a needle. There is some sculpting of the face. Making this doll requires many steps and patience. It is imperative to use a sewing machine because of the weight. It is helpful that the pattern steps are very well illustrated with photos. 

The extra-effort to make this wonderful doll is well worth it!

Skill Level: Advanced