19" Baby Jess Doll Making Kit

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Skill Level: An ADVANCED project only for the experienced doll maker.

A Joy's Waldorf Doll Making Kit for sewing a newborn size weighted Waldorf doll. Baby Jess, when complete, sits on its own, weighs 3-1/2 pounds, is 19" long and wears newborn clothes or you can sew a cozy cotton velour footy sleeper, hat and cotton flannel diaper from the included materials. This heavy baby doll warms up when being held, encourages nurturing skills and feels substantial in a child's arm or on a lap.

Why is this an ADVANCED kit?

You will be making sand pouches and stitching each of them onto the inside of the torso and legs which creates a challenge when stitching the legs to the torso. The shaped buttocks are created with a gusset, stuffed in a particular manner and sculpted with a needle. There is some sculpting of the face. Making this doll requires many steps and patience. It is imperative to use a sewing machine because of the weight. It is helpful that the pattern steps are very well illustrated with photos. 

The extra-effort to make this wonderful doll is well worth it!

What's special about our kits?

  • You get reusable patterns along with a pattern booklet.
  • We include plenty of wool stuffing for a firm doll. No need to purchase extra.
  • There is ample yarn for a full head of hair.
  • The wool provided is ideal for doll making.
  • The instructions are step-by-step and illustrated with drawings or photos.

Age to Play: 3+

Footie Sleeper Velour Color: Pick your velour color from choices in the additional image. NOTE! Coral, Marigold and Root Beer are not available.

Eye Color: If you prefer a different eye color, please indicate that as well in the Velour box.


Kit includes:

  • Reusable pattern pieces for 19" doll, footy sleeper, hat and diaper
  • Cotton Knit Waldorf Doll Skin
  • Plenty of Eco Wool stuffing for a true Waldorf style doll
  • Natural fiber hair yarn
  • Inner head tubing
  • Cotton Knit Velour fabric for the footy sleeper and hat
  • Cotton flannel for diaper
  • Cotton muslin for sand bags
  • Velcro
  • Elastic
  • Sturdy square-ended stuffing stick
  • Embroidery floss for facial features
  • Craft thread and tying string
  • Photo-illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • Directions for 8 baby style "wigs"

Not included: 2 pounds of fine white sterilized aquarium sand is not included. You can use millet instead but the doll will weigh less.

In addition you will need: 

Most of the above additional supplies can be purchased in our Doll Making section.

*This 19"-20" weighted doll needs the secure stitches from machine sewing.

RETURNS: Please note, doll making kits are customized products and not returnable.