Brittany Birch Crochet Hook

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Our 7.5" long hand-rubbed wood crochet hooks come in seven sizes. Beginners generally do best with hooks size G and larger.

Size recommendations for our yarns:

  • E - Little Loop Mohair Boucle
  • F - Lamb's Pride Doll Hair Yarn Worsted, for good coverage on doll hair wigs
  • G - Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight, on light colors of both De Witte Engel Mohair Boucle and Smooth Mohair Doll Hair Yarn (better scalp coverage)
  • H - On darker colors of both De Witte Engel Mohair Boucle, Smooth Mohair Doll Hair Yarn, Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn
  • K - Lamb's Pride Bulky Weight

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