Crochet for Kids: Basic Techniques and Great Projects Kids Can Make Themselves

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Children learn to crochet by making hats, scarves, messenger bags, friendship bracelets, fingerless mitts, hair accessories, decorations and more. An included tip in their yarn guide suggests yarn types and experimenting with anything that is a long strand, such as twine, jewelry wire, string, strips of plastic bag, ribbon or maybe some ideas of your own.

  • For both boys and girls
  • 29 colorful age appropriate projects
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for right and left handers
  • U.S. terms
  • Yarn guide

Yarn to use:

A few of the projects use a medium-weight yarn (category 4 or 5) and our Sugar'n Cream Cotton Yarn is a good choice. Use a size H crochet hook.

Most of the projects use a finer weight yarn (category 2 or 3) and we carry Paton's Grace Yarn for them. Use size F hook or smaller depending upon project.

Ages 12 and up.  

Author: Franziska Heidenreich

Softbound; 131 pages, full format