Colour Dynamics: Watercolor and Color Theory

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The creative, healing power of color affects us profoundly. Colour Dynamics reveals the essence of each color, renewing your ability to see the world afresh. This leads to painting from the heart of each color. This useful resource is for beginners, art students, painters, Waldorf teachers, art therapists, architects and interior designers. Waldorf class and home teachers in particular will find this book an up-to-date tried-and-tested educational resource with clear, well-explained text and lessons to deepen their grasp of color.

Develop your own color insights with materials and techniques, exploring colors, painting rainbows, color clashes, complementary colors, after-images, painting the color circle and complementary colors, enhancing colors, a new color circle, the interplay of light and dark, sunrise and sunset, color dynamics and composition, an overview of color through history, watercolor painting and the Waldorf curriculum.

Included are:

  • handy tips on materials and painting skills
  • exercises for transforming your color experience
  • inspiring themes for painting exercises, including rainbows, trees, flowers, landscapes and the four seasons
  • striking experiments and painting ideas for creating visual impact
  • Goethe and Rudolf Steiner’s color theories

The author is a painter, interior color designer, muralist and art therapist. She has taught in public and Waldorf schools, and has worked extensively with adults.

Soft cover; 128 pages

10-1/4 x 8-1/4 inches

Author: Angela Lord