Cotton Knit Velour

A Child's Dream

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Cotton Knit Velour is a slightly fuzzy fabric with a nap and texture you can feel. Soft and plush, cuddly and cozy with a light stretch, it is a luscious material ideally suited for making stuffed animals and bunting style dolls in which the clothing doubles as the body. Also used for treasure bags, cloaks and clothing for dolls and people. For a pleasing feel be sure to lay out your pattern so the nap lies flat when you brush your hand down the doll from head to toe. 

Used in the following Joy's Waldorf Dolls patterns: The clothing/body of Bunting Babies, Bright Eyes Baby and Star Child. The clothing for Baby Jess and Brother/Sister dolls.


NOTE: Any colors not shown in the dropdown menu are discontinued or unavailable with no expected due date.

Care: Machine wash and dry like colors together on regular settings.

Non-organic colors - 80% cotton /20% polyester.
Organic colors - 95% organic cotton, 5% polyester
The polyester is on the "wrong" side of the fabric and is needed for strength.)

Weight: 11 oz. per linear yard.

Sizes: Fat quarter - 18 x ~ 30 inches | Yard - 58 - 64 inches wide

Maximum stretch is in the width.

Product Safety: Dyed with eco friendly dyes in compliance with environmental regulations. This fabric has not been treated with stain resistant or flame retardant chemicals.

Ordering multiple yards of the same color? Please, tell us if you prefer 1 yard pieces or continuous yards.

Sewing tip: For optimal results, cut velour with sharp fabric scissors which are used only on fabric. Any challenges in machine sewing this fabric are remedied by using a machine needle designed for knits or a universal needle. Be careful to not let the seam be too small or the material will get sucked into the bobbin case.

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