Cross Stitch Aida Cloth, 6 Count


Traditional stiff Aida cloth, with 6 holes (count) per inch. While 14 count is typical for adult cross stitch, 6 count (with less holes) is the ideal cloth for children's cross-stitch and is easy to use even without a hoop.

In Waldorf education cross-stitch is integral to the 4th grade handwork curriculum and this is the cloth used. The children (both boys and girls) create their own symmetrical designs then transfer them to graph paper with each block of the grid representing a square on the Aida cloth fabric. The project can then stitched to create bookmarks, pincushions, pencil cases, pouches and more. Great for improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Ideas abound on our Pinterest Cross Stitch Board.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Origin: Made in USA.