Stitch Camp: 18 Crafty Projects for Kids & Tweens

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Sew - Knit - Crochet - Felt - Embroider - Weave

A must have for your family handwork shelf, this book is written so the reader learning all 6 skills can teach themself. The instructions are superb as are the photo illustrations. With hooks and needles, thread and yarn, fabric and felt - plus a crafty spirit - your child or tween will discover how easy it is to make fun stuff to wear and one-of-a-kind gifts to give using your own hands. The projects are fun and include lots of ideas for variations and ways to personalize. Punch-out gift tags included. 


"The delight with which the authors teach needle-crafting skills - while encouraging upcycling, improvisation, and breaking the rules - is utterly contagious."

- Margaret Bloom, author of Making Peg Dolls and More


"A joyful and captivating crafty adventure! Attainable, fun, and perfectly imperfect projects empower kids to be confident and bold makers."

- Emily Neuburger, author of Journal Sparks and Show Me a Story


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Ages 9-14

Soft cover; 197 pages

Authors: Nicole Blum & Nicole Newman