Doll Making Needles - 3 inch

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3" long needles with long eyes for doll making, soft sculpture, upholstery and other crafts. We recommend this needle for sewing the eyes and mouth on small dolls (6" and 8"). Also, useful for wig attachment. Easy to thread, sharp, and sturdy with clean eyes that will not fray thread. A needle this length is needed to go all the way through a small doll head so the knot is hidden at the back under the hair or hood.

Doll Making Tip! Doll needles are wider than your usual sewing needle and should be inserted only once or twice in the same spot or you could be left with a hole. For best results, when embroidering the facial features use the doll needle to move you thread through the head from back to front and back again, switching to an embroidery needle when doing the actual embroidering of the eyes and mouth. This technique is included in a Joy's Waldorf Dolls pattern.  

6 in a package.