#7 Fine Embroidery Needles for Doll Making

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This is a very fine needle and not recommended for basic embroidery or sewing on felt. We like this one for hand stitching on the cotton knit doll skin used to make Waldorf dolls because it is thin and reduces the risk of making large holes or runs in the knit fabric They are the needles called for in Joy's Waldorf Dolls patterns and doll making kits for embroidering the eyes and mouth, sewing body parts together, attaching the doll wigs and other general sewing.

Identical to a Sharp but with a longer eye for easier threading but still a very small eye. 

Tip! Embroidering the face of a cotton knit doll - switch your eye and lip floss to this needle once you've used the thicker, longer doll needle to bring it from the back of the head to the front of the face. Then embroider the features with this fine needle and switch back to the doll needle to return to the back for knotting. 

Not recommended for embroidering our wool felt. Instead use the Gold Eye Felt Sewing Needles.

16 per package.