Easy Wood Carving For Children - Book

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Learning wood carving not only helps to improve children's concentration, creativity and dexterity, it's also invaluable in teaching them how to handle knives safely and is the perfect outdoor hobby for adventurous children. Teach them how to make toys, games and even jewelry with more than fifty fun whittling and wood carving projects, each fully-illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions. 

Children will be thrilled to learn woodland skills, while nature-loving parents will enjoy rediscovering the lost art of whittling with their kids. Most projects in this book are suited for fresh branches from deciduous trees such as hazel, birch, alder, poplar, willow and lime or basswood give the best results

The book introduction indicates "children can start learning to whittle between the ages of six and eight, although it depends on the development of each individual child." Included are simple, intermediate and challenging projects so the novice or inexperienced will start with the simple ones.

Softbound; 128 pages

Author: Frank Egholm

Table of Contents:

Difficulty levels
Whittling guidelines
Getting started
Finding a whittling knife
Protective gear
Where to find fresh branches
Dry wood
Wood carving
Whittling away from the body
Whittling towards the body
Practical tips
Sharpening knives
Saws and garden shears
Splitting wood
Colouring wood
Sanding wood
Carving seat
Whittling and reading

Animal figures
Bird made from a single branch
Bird with a feathery tail
Bird made from the end of a branch
Lifelike bird

Pigs and dogs
Fence with string or rails
Pig throwing
Game pieces
Tower of Hanoi
The four confounding squares
Racing car
Spinning tops
Spinning top with handle and pull string
Whittled top