A First Book of Knitting for Children

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A favorite Waldorf-themed handwork book featuring patterns and techniques commonly used when teaching knitting in a Waldorf handwork classroom.

Two books in one! We love the new revisions that combine both the original A First Book of Knitting for Children together with the authors' follow up title Knitting for Children, a Second Book! This book is great for both children AND adults, an invaluable resource for anyone learning how to knit. The clear instructions, the interesting patterns and artistic photographs make this a must for all who have an interest in knitting, making knitted gifts for children or teaching knitting.

Recommended for all ages.

Authors: Bonnie Gosse, Jill Allerton

Softcover; 167 pages


Section 1

Rhymes, photos, instructions and patterns bring a thorough introduction to knit stitch and purl stitch, followed by simple, enticing patterns for animals. Covered are the basics of finger knitting and beginner knitting. Learn to make your own needles, how to cast on, increase and decrease, change colors, do ribbing, and correct mistakes.

In addition, are patterns and photos for simple first projects so beginners can get lots of practice while knitting simple dolls and stuffed animals. The beginner patterns are easy and exciting to make and the completed projects are fun to play with. 14 beginning projects - pom-pom making, butterfly, striped ball, rabbit, lamb, lion, mouse, pig, raccoon, elephant, doll, horse, cat and gnome doll.

Section 2

Then learn more skills: shaping your knitting, pass slipped stitch over (psso), picking up stitches, using different colors to create knit patterns (including fair isle knitting), knitting in the round to make slipper socks in three sizes, wrap and turning, double casting off, firm casting on, knit one slip one (k1, sl1).

Over 20 challenge patterns are included for these skills - slipper socks, leaping cat, dolls with hands in pockets, hats in two styles, lamb, otter, snake, and wolf.  Also, find projects for adults and teens, requiring needles and yarn in sizes smaller than we offer, to make cute 9-inch tall knitted hand dolls with several doll clothes patterns for wonderful gifts.


Ordering guidelines for necessary materials:

For both sections, order


Waldorf Grade Guidelines (but children can knit even in the grades not mentioned):

Kindergarten - children learn finger knitting using thick pastel or soft colored yarn in a Bulky, Chunky or Burly weight to make cords for play. A useful skill for making tails for your knitted animals, too.

1st Grade - two-needle knitting with large beginner needles in US size 10 (6mm) Brittany Wood Knitting Needles. Use Lamb's Pride Bulky Weight Yarn in animal and strong pure colors. Typical projects are animals, basic hat or flute bag.

5th grade - both four and five-needle knitting with double point needles in various sizes to make socks, mittens and more complex hats.