Embroidery Floss Assortment Pack - 36 skeins

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An economical, colorful assortment pack of 100% cotton, divisible 6-strand floss to keep all the handworkers busy. A non-slippery floss that stays on the needle well making it nice for children to use.  Keep a pack in your sewing basket for felt sewing projects, applique, cross stitch and embroidery. Make friendship bracelets, hair wraps and more. 

Colors are a mix of mostly bright with some pastel and earth tones. 

Contains 36 skeins in about 20 different colors.  Skeins are 8.7 yards in length.

Floss usage tip to avoid tangling: Have child measure a length of floss equal to the distance from the inside of their elbow to fingertips. This will give a manageable amount of thread for sewing. In most cases, it will be best to sew with a length comprised of 3 strands, not 6. After cutting the correct length the strand will need to be split. To do so, have child hold one end in front of them and separate the 6 strands in half (two threads each comprised of 3 strands), making a point to avoid having threads that cross, gently and slowly pull apart causing the 6-strands to spin as it is divided in half. Tangling will result if the floss is pulled apart too quickly so remind the child to go slow.