Embroidery Hoop - Size 7"

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This 7-inch diameter, luxite embroidery hoop from Susan Bates features a "Super-Grip-Lip" that holds even your most slippery fabric securely in place, to maintain consistent tension throughout the embroidery. Metal screw for tightening allows you to work with any fabric thickness you desire. Incredibly durable, flexible, and completely safe for fine embroidery, or as a frame for a finished project.

Perfect for embroidery or cross stitch and a good size for children.

Please let us choose either Pink, Purple, Green, Turquoise, Orange and Yellow - Leave a note in comments if there is a color you don't want.

Diameter: 7 inches

Note: A hoop can be helpful for a child's cross stitch project but is not necessary. In fact, many beginner Waldorf cross stitch projects are smaller than will fit in the hoop. A cross stitch pin cushion or sachet is a typical Waldorf 4th grade project.