Holland Wool Felt Naturals, Yards + Cuts

$3.00 - $59.90

Holland 100% Wool Felt in natural, undyed colors practically straight from the sheep. Craft weight and easy to sew for all ages. Perfect for projects of all sizes.

Specifications: Approximately 1mm thick, (almost 1/16"). Weight is 14 oz. per linear yard (36" x72")

Care: Dry Clean or gently handwash in cool water only. Reshape if needed.

Safety: Product Safety Information

Note, the Natural colors do not contain merino wool so are not as soft as the others.

Sizes may vary slightly.

8 x 12 in. $3.00 | 18 x 18 in. $7.95 | 36 x 36 in. $29.95 | One Yard (72 inches wide) $59.90