Holland Wool Felt Neutral, Baby Colors, Yards + Cuts

$3.00 - $59.90

Our craft weight 100% Merino wool felt from Holland is a sturdy, evenly thick fabric and soft to the touch. Available in oh-so many colors! Once you use it there's no going back. Easy to sew for all ages and perfect for projects of all sizes.

Specifications: Approximately 1mm thick, (almost 1/16"). Weight is 14 oz. per linear yard (36" x72")

Care: Color fast, however we've found some of the very deep reds/pinks to bleed in warm water. Dry Clean or gently handwash in cool water only. Reshape if needed.

Safety: Product Safety Information

About colors and computers: Colors cannot be accurately represented online and will vary according to your monitor settings. A Swatch Card is available.

Sizes may vary slightly

8 x 12 in. $3.00 | 18 x 18 in. $7.95 | 36 x 36 in. $29.95 | One Yard (72 inches wide) $59.90

See additional images for Almond, Baby Peach, Mushroom and Teddy Bear

Customer Quote:

"I made this camel for my Pavlova Project with Holland Wool Felt from A Child's Dream, then stuffed it with their wool batting and finally needle-felted the entire surface with wool roving.  Your materials are top of the line and beautiful to work with.  Thank you!"'
Margaret T.
Boulder, CO