Inner Head Tubing for Waldorf Dolls - By the Yard

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Stretchy 100% cotton knit gauze tubing and the more supportive 100% cotton knit stockinette ~ for stuffing and creating the inner form of the head of a Waldorf doll. Size indicates the width referred to in patterns. While the actual widths of the tubing will vary, it will still have the correct stretch cross-wise.

General size recommendations given. Sizes called for will vary depending upon pattern and designer. Please consult your pattern before purchasing!

Note: Patterns for Joy's Waldorf Dolls 9" and taller call for 2" stockinette unless otherwise noted.

Cotton Gauze Tubing:

  • 5/8 inch (for 2-3" tall dolls)
  • 7/8 inch (for 4-6" tall dolls including Joy's 6" Bunting Baby, 6" Teeny Baby, 6" Star Child)
  • 1-1/8 inch (for 8-10" tall dolls including Joy's 8" Pocket Love)
  • 1-1/2 inch (for 12-16" tall dolls including Joy's 12" Bright Eyes)

Cotton Stockinette (more supportive than gauze):

  • 2 inch (9-16" tall)
  • 3 inch (18-20" dolls including Joy's 19" Baby Jess)

Craft Tip! 2" and 3" stockinette can be machine stitched lengthwise into narrower strips.