Inner Head Tubing for Waldorf Dolls - Discount Rolls

$24.95 - $34.95

Stretchy 100% cotton knit gauze tubing and the more supportive 100% cotton knit stockinette ~ for stuffing and creating the inner form of the head of a Waldorf doll. Size indicates the width. Possible slight variations among rolls but the stretch is the same. Our stockinette may appear to be looser than before but when tested is not any stretchier than what we have always carried.

Buying by the roll is an economical option for groups, classes and professional doll makers.

General size recommendations given. Sizes vary depending upon pattern and designer. Please consult your pattern before purchasing!

Note: Patterns for Joy's Waldorf Dolls 9" and taller call for 2" stockinette unless otherwise noted.

Cotton Gauze Tubing:

  • 5/8 inch (for 2-3" tall dolls)
  • 7/8 inch (for 4-6" tall dolls including Joy's 6" Bunting Baby, 6" Teeny Baby, 6" Star Child)
  • 1-1/8 inch (for 8-10" tall dolls including Joy's 8" Pocket Love)
  • 1-1/2 inch (for 12-16" tall dolls including Joy's 12" Bright Eyes)

Cotton Stockinette (more supportive than gauze):

  • 2 inch (9-16" tall)
  • 3 inch (18-20" dolls including Joy's 19" Baby Jess)

Craft Tip! 2" and 3" stockinette can be machine stitched lengthwise into narrower strips.