Jacquard Procion MX - Batik and Tie Dye

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Bring tie dye fun to any party or make happy gifts for family and friends. All you need are these fabulous dyes (4 to 6 colors), salt and washing soda from the grocery store, white cotton t-shirts and a bag of rubberbands. 

Easy to use Procion MX Dye is for batik and tie dye, dyeing cotton and other cellulose (plant) fibers such as linen, jute, ramie, sisal and rayon. Colors remain vibrant after repeated washings. This cold water fiber reactive dye has other applications, too. Use for immersion dyeing, garment dyeing, direct application, screen printing and more.

A professional and international favorite, one jar typically dyes 1 lb (.45 kg) of dry fabric. Use more for really bright colors and less for softer ones. Mix with cold water, salt and soda ash, also known as washing soda. It's that simple! Choose from 40 colors.

2/3 oz (19g) jar.

Jacquard's Instructional PDF

Jacquard's Color Mixing Chart PDF