Jacquard Acid Dye - Silk and Wool

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Jacquard Acid Dyes are the easiest dyes to use. All you need is white vinegar(the acid) and hot water to dye silk for curtains, play silks, yarn, wool roving and more. Use on all protein fibers (derived from animals), not just silk and wool but also cashmere, alpaca, yak, mohair, angora, even feathers. Will also dye nylon. The colors are pure, transparent and luscious enough to dive into.

Dyes evenly and is lightfast. Non toxic and environmentally safe. Instructions are included. For pastel colors use smaller amounts.

1 jar will dye about two pounds of fabric, fiber or yarn and a full yard of wool felt (we recommend Holland Wool Felt in Soft White).

1/2 oz (14g) jar

Jacquard's Acid Dye Instructions PDF