Organic Plant Dyed Felt 6x8 Set - Pastels


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A six-piece assortment of Filges Organic Plant Dyed 100% Wool Felt. 

Bioland Organic Certified. This is a natural, non-carbonized felt and some plant matter could be incorporated into it. Most of the time this can be easily pulled out. Dye lots may vary and differ slightly from what is shown, no sample swatches are available for this reason. 

Size: 6 different colors. Each sheet measures approximately 6 x 8 in. (15 x 20 cm.) Approximately 1 mm thick.

Colors: Peach, Yellow, Light Green, Sky Blue, Red Violet, Rose

Fiber: 100% wool, dyed with natural dyes and non-toxic mordants

Care: Felt may shrink when washed and colors may bleed. Dry clean or gently handwash in cool water, roll in a towel to press out extra moisture, reshape and air dry.

Safety: Product Safety Information.

Origin: Germany