Stockmar Beeswax Crayon - Single BLOCK


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One SINGLE Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayon. Replace lost crayons, put together a little gift or supplement your set.

The addition of just a bit of precious pure beeswax (10%) is all that's needed to enhance the brilliant pigment and create a high degree of opacity similar to that of watercolor without sacrificing the outstanding drawing properties teachers and families have enjoyed for over 50 years. Solid crayons that don't stick or crumble with vibrant colors that won't smudge.

Look for the asterisk (*) in our list of colors for choices that are not included in our Stockmar Beeswax Crayons - 16 Color set.

Non-toxic, safe for children, ACMI/AP safety certified. Soy free.

Quantity: One SINGLE crayon

CONTAINS: Paraffin, plant based stearin wax, beeswax and colour pigments.

ORIGIN: Germany

AGE: 3+