Teaching through Stories - Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit

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Learn how to create and tell your own stories with examples from knitting lessons. 

The first in a series on teaching handwork, this complete resource guide is written for teachers and others who want to teach this popular craft—or any subject—to children through storytelling, fostering personal connection in any educational setting. 

The last chapter shares ideas about selecting patterns and materials and includes over a dozen of the best patterns the author has developed - Bunny, Pocket Dolly, Pocket Dolly Blanket or Blanket Square, Butterfly, Rainbow Ball, Ankle Warmers/Fingerless Mittens, Washcloth, Lamb Lion, Mouse, Hamster, Flute (or recorder) Case, Mini-Man/Mini Miss.

The handbook introduces important pedagogical foundations, offers suggestions for managing a busy handwork classroom and embodies an unhurried approach to education used successfully for a hundred years in Waldorf schools around the world. 

Softcover; 212 pages, 8.5 x 8.5 inches

Author: Elizabeth Seward