Knitty Kitty Learn to Knit Kit

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White yarn only.

This quality kit from Pied Piper Crafts is a lovely, Waldorf-inspired kit with natural materials for the child learning to knit and perfect for the first time knitter.

All of the steps are explained in careful, simple instructions which include hand drawn illustrations and the classic Waldorf verse for remembering the steps. We would not want kitty sneaking up on any of our bird friends so each kit also comes with a ribbon and bell for a kitty collar.


  • 1 pair of wood knitting needles (Size 8)
  • 1 ball of white wool yarn
  • Natural stuffing wool
  • Ribbon and bell
  • Steel yarn needle
  • Beginning knitting instructions

Makes 2 lightly stuffed kitties or 1 firmly stuffed kitty

Ages 6 and up.