Waldorf Dollmaking with Joy Chambers - DVD

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Take a Waldorf doll making workshop in the comfort of your home with this comprehensive DVD from Joy Chambers. An excellent, visual way to learn her doll making techniques and lots of helpful tips and tricks.

The 2-hour instructional DVD will help guide you through the creation of your very own wool stuffed, natural fiber doll in many different styles. Closeups of the doll making process, along with specific step-by-step instructions allow you to stop and start, working at your own pace to complete a doll. Different sections are easy to access for quick reference.

  • Making a doll head
  • Body stuffing with Joy's Stuffing Tool
  • Hand sewing techniques for making good knots, invisible stitch, facial embroidery and wig attachment
  • Crocheting doll wigs ranging from the mohair tuft to the long, multi-styling wigs

Dolls included in the DVD are 16" Honey, 10" Brother/Sister doll, the Baby Companions, the 13" Little Love and her button-jointed dolls.

Length: 126 minutes