Window Stars Kite Paper - Rainbow

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A rainbow and more in this assortment pack! Also known as glassine, our translucent kite paper is an art paper that can be used for making kites, lanterns, transparency pictures, origami, folded Waldorf window stars, paper flowers and more. Much heavier than ordinary tissue paper yet the light shines through and the colors glow with a warm and rich radiance. Paper folding and making stars not only helps develop dexterity but is a captivating craft activity for students of geometry.

  • Waxy paper
  • Transparent
  • Make window stars and more crafts
  • Traditionally used for making kites

11 Colors: purple, magenta, light green, dark green, red, lemon yellow, golden yellow, blue, orange, brown, white

Size: 6.25 x 6.25 inches

Ages 8 and up.

Made in Netherlands


Crafting Tip:

Cut sheets into four equal squares to make smaller stars and to stretch your kite paper supply.

Helpful links:

Learn how to make a Window Star in this tutorial on our Blog.

15 different Window Star designs can be found in the book Crafts Through the Year

Glue points of the star together with Glue Stick.