Zangle - Game of Angles


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A new visual perception game created by the inventor of SET. What is a Zangle? A Zangle is a combination of two or more cards you twist, flip or spin to make the shape on another card. Play together or challenge yourself with this brain-twisting, shape-building game. With three ways to play, you can choose to take your time in Turn-Style, boost your adrenaline by racing your opponents in Speedster, or play Solitaire to keep your brain kicking and heart ticking.

  • simple yet challenging
  • 3 ways to play including solitaire
  • great for travel, groups, teachers, gift

Zangle builds skills in the following areas:

  • cognitive
  • logical
  • spatial reasoning
  • visual perception
Length of play: 45 minutes
Number of players: 1 - 6
120 Cards
Instructions for group and solitaire play
Age 6 to 99