Earthues Natural Dye Starter Kit - Indigo

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Journey into the world of blue, with south Asian Indigo Tinctoria. Indigo is one of the ancient dyes, venerated for its mysterious nature and magical coloring process. Watching the dyed material turn to blue when removed from the green dye bath is a wonder to behold!

* Indigo dyeing is best done outside and, because you will be using lye, it is recommended you have an extra adult on hand to keep watch over any nearby children as you focus on the dye process.

This Earthues dye kit contains:

  • Indigo (2 oz)
  • Hide glue (1.5 oz)
  • Reducing agent (4 oz)
  • Alkali agent (8 oz)
  • pH indicator strips (10)
  • Dust mask and gloves
  • Instruction booklet

You provide fabric, yarn or fiber to dye.

Note: Does not include sodium hydroxide (household lye, caustic soda), which is available at your local hardware store or online from soap making supply companies.


You will also need the following dye tools which you must keep separate from kitchen and cooking utensils:

  • Dye Pot - stainless steel or canning type pot (16-quarts holds about 1/2 - 1 lb of yarn or fiber)
  • Measuring cups and spoons - stainless steel recommended
  • Glass quart jars or plastic containers - for dissolving dye extracts
  • Heavy dish washing type gloves - 2 pairs for protecting hands from hot dye solutions
  • Pails or large bowls - plastic or stainless steel for moving wet yarns and holding spent dyeing liquids
  • Old towels - for cleaning, drying tools and emergency spills
  • Water

Most of this, along with your dye supplies, can be stored in a canning pot, which can be purchased inexpensively wherever canning supplies are sold, then easily pulled out for dye projects.