Tie Dye Kit


Jacquard's dye kit ensures fun for all ages with an experiential introduction into classic tie dye. Comes with Procion MX dye —the undisputed dye king of tie dye - and everything else you'll need except the shirt.

It's so easy!

1. Wet garments and tie with rubberbands

2. Soak in provided soda ash and mix the dyes with tap water

3. Apply dye, wait 24 hours. Rinse wash dry and enjoy!

Kit contents:

  • Pre-measured Procion MX Dye (1 each: Magenta, Turquoise, Yellow)
  • Soda Ash dye fixer
  • 3 applicator bottles
  • Gloves
  • Rubberbands
  • Instructions with tying patterns

Dyes to 5 t-shirts, (shirts NOT included)

Ages 8 and up.