Felt Wee Folk New Adventures by Salley Mavor

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Create a magical world using wool felt, pipe cleaners, and simple embellishments

Salley Mavor’s book Felt Wee Folk inspired tens of thousands to handcraft dolls from simple materials. Now, she invites you to return to the wee world with Felt Wee Folk—New Adventures, an all-doll edition expanding on the original book. Directions show how to make different sizes of figures, from the tiniest 1 1/2" baby to full-sized 4 1/2" figures. Instructions included for a variety of hairstyles, outfits and armatures.

Favorites, like the acorn capped fairies and other fanciful wee folk make a return appearance and with the new inclusion of more challenging techniques the book is appealing to needle workers of all skill levels, from the beginner who is learning the blanket stitch to the experienced embroiderer who craves fine stitching.

Bursting with inspirational photographs of little characters set up in miniature worlds, from woodland scenes to doll houses, to fairy gardens. A certain type of person enjoys creating and looking into tiny, enchanting worlds and this book is for them!

Detailed, illustrated instructions. Full-sized patterns. 

Softcover: 160 pages.

Author: Salley Mavor

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