World Tales for Family Storytelling II for Children Aged 6-8 Years

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Children are natural storytellers when encouraged. They love their parents telling them stories and also telling stories themselves. These 44 favorite and diverse tales from around the world are surefire winners. They can be shared between parents and their children for fun on trips, family occasions and bedtimes.

These tried and tested stories are short, simple, and quick to learn. They draw on traditional tales, told in the voice of the storyteller. Parents can read or tell the stories the first, then children can soon tell the stories themselves. Such oral storytelling builds a child's confidence in their unique voices.

Selected for this age group from the book 147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell.


1. Lacy Jack (England)
2. Cap of Rushes (England)
3. The Marriage of Ganesh (India)
4. Baba Jaga’s Black Geese (Russia)
5. Three Brothers and the Polar Bear (India/Arctic)
6. Three Dolls (India)
7. The Lighthouse Keeper and the Selkie (Scotland)
8. Death in a Nutshell (Scotland)
9. The Fox and the Healer (Native American)
10. Jack and the Dancing Trees (England)
11. Little Burnt Face (Native American)
12. The Monk and the Thieves (Chile)
13. The Story Bag (Korea)
14. How a Boy Learned to be Wise (Uganda)
15. Persephone (Greece)
16. The Wooden Horse (Greece)
17. Half a Blanket (Scotland)
18. Fruit of Love (Native American)
19. One Wish (Ireland)
20. Birth of Athena (Greece)
21. The Lode Stone (England)
22. The Scorpion and the Frog (India)
23. Three Wishes (France)
24. The Blind Man and the Hunter (West Africa)
25. The Birth of Osiris (Egypt)
26. Prometheus (Greece)
27. The Eagle Who Thought He Was a Chicken (Native American)
28. How Butterflies Came to be (Native American)
29. The Shepherd’s Dream (Ireland)
30. The Piper’s Boots (Scotland)
31. Midas’s Wish (Greece)
32. Midas and Apollo (Greece)
33. Theseus and the Minotaur (Greece)
34. Icarus (Greece)
35. The Woman of the Sea (Scotland)
36. How Jerusalem Began (Palestine and Jewish)
37. Odysseus and the Cyclops (Greece)
38. The Four Dragons (China)
39. The Land of the Deep Ocean (Japan)
40. Rama and Sita (India)
41. The Building of St. Paul’s Cathedral (England)
42. Feathers in the Wind (Jewish)
43. Heaven and Hell 1 (Japan)
44. Heaven and Hell 2 (European)

The author includes story sources and storytelling resources.

‘In this collection for home use, we focus on tales for children aged 6-8. The stories may be read, told and retold and then explored within the family. They offer a rich vein of world heritage, giving your family a doorway into the wonderful world of traditional tales. Enjoy!’–Chris Smith

Stories for ages 6-8

Softbound; 176 pages

Measures: 7.3" x 9"

Author: Chris Smith

Storytelling Series

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