World Tales for Family Storytelling III for Children Aged 8-11 Years

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Children are natural storytellers and these 51 enchanting world tales are wonderful for retelling!

The stories are short, simple and quick to learn. Parents can read and tell the stories, so children can then tell them themselves. This is not just a handy and fun activity for bedtimes, family occasions, car journeys and parties: oral storytelling in the home builds children’s confidence in their unique voices. It helps them to better understand themselves, each other and the world around them, and to speak so that others will listen.

Selected from the highly acclaimed 147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell. In this collection, the focus is on tales for children aged 8 to 11.


1. The Hunter and the Leopard (Africa)
2. The Boots of Abu Kassim (Middle East)
3. Who is the Thief? (Japan)
4. Beowulf (England)
5. The Tiger's Whisker (Indonesia)
6. The Apple Tree Man (England)
7. Godmother Death (Mexico)
8. The Weaver's Dream (China)
9. The Prince and the Birds (Spain)
10. Jumping Mouse (America)
11. Jack and Jackie (Scotland)
12. The House That Has Never Known Death (Saudi Arabia)
13. Why the Seagull Cries (America)
14. Luckily Unlucky (China)
15. Language Lesson (Anon)
16. Looking on the Bright Side (Iran)
17. Stop Eating Sweets (Iran)
18. Hitting the Target (Iran)
19. Nasseradeen and the Perfect Wife (Iran)
20. The Neighbour's Cockerel (Iran)
21. Nasseradeen's Nail (Iran)
22. Nasseradeen and the King's Hunting Party (Iran)
23. Nasseradeen Speaks Truth (Iran)
24. Nasseradeen and the Light (Iran)
25. Nasseradeen Teaches Justice (Iran)
26. Who Do You Trust? (Iran)
27. Nasseradeen and the Turnips (Iran)
28. Cause and Effect (Iran)
29. Nasseradeen Teaches Empathy (Iran)
30. Children of Wax (Africa)
31. Warrior (Egypt)
32. Baldur (Norway)
33. Ericython (Roman)
34. Quetzalcoatl Brings Chocolate to Earth (Aztec)
35. Skeleton Woman (Inuit)
36. The Boy who Learned to Shudder (Germany)
37. The Woodcutter and the Snake (Serbia)
38. Three Questions (Russian)
39. Gawain and the Green Knight (Britain)
40. Mother Sun and Her Daughters (Argentina)
41. Five Wise Trainings (India)
42. Gawain Gets Married (Britain)
43. Everything You Need (Iraq)
44. Gilgamesh (Iraq)
45. A Drop of Honey (Iraq)
46. Who is the Husband (India)
47. What Happens When You Really Listen! (India)
48. The Power of Stories (India)
49. The Diamond Dream (India)
50. Bird in Hand (India)
51. Traveller at the Gates of a City (America)

Book includes story sources and storytelling resources.

Chris Smith is a storyteller, musician, educator, father and founder of Storytelling Schools, where children learn to be storytellers. He believes in the power of storytelling to help families thrive. 

Stories for ages 8 - 11

Softbound; 188 pages

Measures: 7.3" x 9"

Author: Chris Smith

Storytelling Series

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