World Tales for Family Storytelling for Children Aged 4-6 Years

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Young children are natural storytellers. They love both listening to parents telling stories and telling stories themselves. These 53 world tales can be shared at bedtime, on journeys, at parties or around the campfire.

Children will find these ready to tell stories are short, simple, and quick to learn. They draw on traditional tales, told in the voice of the storyteller. Parents can read or tell the stories, so children can soon tell the stories on their own. Such oral storytelling builds children's confidence in their unique voices.

Selected for this age group from the book 147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children to Retell.


1. Monkeys and Hats (India)
2. The Little Red Hen (England)
3. Three Little Pigs (England)
4. The Birth of Jesus (World)
5. The Gingerbread Man (England)
6. Bats Learn to Dance (origin unknown)
7. Three Billy Goats Gruff (Norway)
8. The Noisy House (England)
9. The Giant Turnip (Russia)
10. The Wooden Baby (Czech)
11. Goldilocks and the Three Bears (England)
12. The Fox’s Sack (England)
13. The Princess and the Pea (England)
14. Skinny Old Lady (Africa)
15. The Freedom Bird (Thailand)
16. Snip-Snip (European Jewish)
17. The King and the Moon (Dominican Republic)
18. The Magic Porridge Pot (Germany)
19. The Sweet-talking Potato (Africa)
20. Stone Soup (Switzerland)
21. A Husband for Miss Mouse (Myanmar)
22. Awongalema (Africa)
23. The Lion’s Roar (India Buddhist)
24. Goose Girl’s Wings (China)
25. Mouse and Lion (Greece)
26. The Nest and the Web (Islam)
27. The Dancing Harmonica (U.S.)
28. The Talkative Turtle (Native American)
29. Bandits and Berries (China)
30. The Thirsty Frog (Aboriginal Australia)
31. More! (U.S.)
32. Little Red Riding Hood (France)
33. Jack and the Beanstalk (England)
34. The Stonecutter (China)
35. The Unlucky Man (England)
36. The King and the Cockerel (Iraq)
37. The Bird and the Forest Fire (India Buddhist)
38. Honey and Trouble (Africa)
39. How Coyote Brought Fire to Earth (Native American)
40. The Snake and the Frog (U.S.)
41. The Talking Skull (Africa)
42. The Elephant’s Fury (Asia Buddhist)
43. The Island of Fairies (Scotland)
44. The Bee’s Treasure (Japan)
45. The Pied Piper of Hamlyn (Germany)
46. The Peddler of Swaffham (England)
47. Strength (Africa)
48. Sleeping Beauty (Germany)
49. Rumpelstiltskin (Germany)
50. Cinderella (Germany)
51. The Magic Paintbrush (China)
52. Snow White (Germany)
53. The Two Dragons (Wales)

Book includes story sources and storytelling resources.

Chris Smith is a storyteller, musician, educator, father and founder of Storytelling Schools, where children learn to be storytellers. He believes in the power of storytelling to help families thrive. 

Stories for ages 4 - 6

Softbound; 212 pages

Measures: 7.3" x 9"

Author: Chris Smith

Storytelling Series

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