Felt Summer Bunting Garland

Felt Summer Bunting Garland

Posted by Debbie S. on 9th Jul 2021

Wool Felt Summer Bunting Garland

Felt buntings are a beautiful, simple way to dress up a space for celebrating! Whether it be for a birthday party or holiday! Jessica, from Toymaking Magic is here to share with us how to whip up a bunting using our Holland Wool Felt.

First, gather materials:

Wool felt sheets in however many colors you like*

Pearl cotton or embroidery floss

Embroidery needle



●Paper triangle pattern piece

*I used sunset, tangerine, yellow, emerald, turquoise, plum, lilac

Materials for Felt Summer Bunting Garland

Using your pearl cotton or floss, measure how long you want the bunting to be and add several feet extra to account for drape and hanging purposes. Cut thread to length.

Either make yourself a triangle pattern piece (sturdy cardstock or watercolor paper works nicely) or print one out from this PDF.

Trace and cut out all the triangles you need.

Tracing Triangles for Wool Felt Bunting Garland

 Be sure to cut on the inside of the pencil marks so that they don’t appear on the edges of the felt triangles.

Cutting Triangles for Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Cut Triangles for Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Arrange them in the order you want. I chose rainbow order.

Rainbow Order Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Divide into two stacks.

Fold your length of thread in half to find the center. Mark the center point by leaving the thread folded (or however you want to mark it.) Grab the triangle from the top of the first stack. (This should be the color that you want to be in the center of the bunting.)

Two Stacks Wool Felt Bunting Garland

String it onto your thread using a simple running stitch.

Running Stitch Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Slide the triangle down the thread until it reaches the center point.

Centering Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Continue using a running stitch to sew on all of the triangles in the first pile and sliding them into place. It’s important to note that when the bunting is hanging and draping, the top triangle points are closer together than when the thread is taut. When you are stringing the triangles on, leave a teeny tiny bit of space in between them so that when the bunting is hanging, the triangle points touch perfectly.

Three Colors Wool Felt Bunting Garland

If you are making a very long bunting, you might find it helpful to wrap the other end of your thread around a mug or other heavy object to keep it taut and out of the way.

Holding Sewing Thread with Mug

Once you have finished sewing the first stack, thread your needle with the other end and sew on the second stack of triangles (double check your order to make sure you are grabbing from the correct end of the stack!)

When doing the running stitch, I like to load up my needle all the way across before pulling through.

Bunched Up Sewing of Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Once you have finished sewing the second stack, it’s ready to hang!

Wool Felt Bunting Garland

We made a bunting for our summer party (we throw a little party to celebrate the start of each season) and my son’s birthday fell just a few days after so we left it up for his party! We love it so much we are contemplating whether to leave it hanging there all summer or move it into the boys’ bedroom as a permanent decoration!

Birthday Picture with Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Children can easily participate! My 7 year old cut out all of the triangles and chose what order to put the colors in. He wasn’t interested in doing any of the sewing but I feel certain that many children would enjoy helping with that step as well.

Closeup of Wool Felt Bunting Garland

Colorful Wool Felt Bunting Garland

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you make a felt summer bunting, we would love to see!

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Happy Summer!