Eucalan Wool Wash

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Lanolin enriched Eucalan concentrate is a wool friendly, no-rinse soap for felting and washing woolens, shearlings, woolies and sweaters and comes in two wonderful scents.

To wash and avoid felting, soak with no agitation. If you are using it for felting, the opposite applies.

  • Leaves hand knits looking beautiful
  • Helps projects felt better by slickening fibers while felting
  • Natural moth-deterring qualities (lanolin, lavender, eucalyptus)
  • Use with lanolin to lanolize wool diaper covers
  • Non-toxic.

When felting by hand or in the washing machine (1-2 Tbsp. on hot and the smallest setting).

Scented with Eucalyptus or Lavender oil.

3.3 fluid oz

Made in Canada