Magic Wool Fairies

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Using a combination of wool winding and needle felting you will learn how to make beautiful fairies and angels out of unspun wool roving.

The author gives detailed instructions on making fairies and angels that suspend, for every occasion—flower fairies for a seasonal nature table; fairies for birthday celebrations; guardian angels to watch over a crib; and of course a range of Christmas angels.

Includes step-by-step instructions, color photographs, and diagrams that clearly show the reader the basics for making 20 figures to suspend. Projects then progress to more detailed instructions for making increasingly elaborate versions.

For ages 10 and up.

Softbound; 104 pages

AUTHOR: Christine Schäfer


Supplies to order:

* Start with Corriedale Wool in white, skin tones and a variety of soft or jewel colors. Assortment packs are here >

* Supplement with more colors, Organic Plant-Dyed Fairy Wool and wavy curls. Find all here >

* Felting Needle Variety Pack, available here > OR Size 38 Felting Needles in bulk, available here > 

* Large Foam Felting Pads here>

* Standard size chenille Pipe Cleaner stems for armature can be found here >