Wood Knitting Needle Dowels - 12" long (Pair)

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A pair of hardwood birch dowels.

Making knitting needles? There is no doubt a trip to the hardware store or lumber yard would prove to be an intriguing and educational experience for a child, but we realize it is not a possibility for everyone. For you, we offer these dowels in the correct diameter for making size 10 knitting needles. Needles this size are perfect for beginning knitters. Make sure you get Knitting Needle End Caps to glue onto one end of the dowels, so your knitting stays put. Recommended weight of yarn is our Lamb's Pride Bulky Yarn

Measures: 12" x 1/4"

Making Knitting Needles: Cut the length down to 10 inches so it's easier for a child in the younger grades to knit with. Use a pencil sharpener to make your points, sand the points and entire needle surface really well with at least two grits of sandpaper for a super smooth finish that won't snag your yarn. Glue on wood end caps or make your own from oven baked clay as shown in Pepper and Pines How to Make Knitting Needles Tutorial.  The wood can be left natural, stained or sealed with a natural wood polish.