10" & 6" Bunting Baby Doll Making Kit

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Skill Level: Beginner (Ages 13+ or Ages 10-12 with assistance)

A Joy's Waldorf Doll Making kit to sew TWO dolls. One a 10" and the other a 6" Bunting Baby. Bunting dolls are stuffed dolls made of soft cotton velour with a pillow type body. These cuddly baby dolls are for the very young to snuggle and a wonderful first doll for a child.

This pattern is well-suited for the beginner doll maker or a child. Having materials for making two sizes gives plenty of practice in sewing and beginning doll making skills.  Velour, as a rule, can be challenging to sew, either by hand or machine, but with Joy’s technique it will be a breeze.

IMPORTANT! Please, read the list at the bottom of the description for additional supplies you will need.

What's special about our kits?

  • You get reusable patterns along with a pattern booklet.
  • We include plenty of wool stuffing for a firm doll. No need to purchase extra.
  • There is ample yarn for a full head of hair.
  • The wool provided is ideal for doll making.
  • The instructions are step-by-step and illustrated with drawings or photos.

Kit includes:

  • Reusable pattern pieces for two bunting dolls, one 10" and the other 6"
  • Cotton Knit Waldorf Doll Skin
  • Eco Wool stuffing
  • Inner head tubing
  • Cotton Knit Velour (one color for two dolls*)
  • Sturdy chopstick with a square end
  • Embroidery floss for facial features
  • Craft thread.
  • Step-by-step instructions

* Order a fat quarter of Cotton Knit Velour if you prefer two different bunting colors.

Age to Play: 6 mos+

Eye color: Leave a note at checkout if you prefer a different eye color.


In addition you will need: 

Most of these items are available in our Doll Making Supplies section.

RETURNS: Please note, doll making kits are customized products and not returnable.