Doll Making

Doll Making

Why a natural fiber doll? Because when held a doll made from cotton and wool is pleasantly soft and warms up against the body. 

Shall I give my doll a neutral facial expression? Many people give their Waldorf natural fiber or peg dolls very simple, even neutral facial expressions. This increases the doll's therapeutic and play value. It allows children to use their imagination to create any emotion, from moment to moment, day to day. Instead of being stuck in one mood the doll and child are left free to experience all moods, giving the child a healthy outlet for processing or working out emotions all the while strengthening the imagination.

A Child's Dream offers a complete selection of natural fiber and peg doll making supplies and books including every kit and pattern from Joy's Waldorf Dolls, the best wool stuffing, cotton knit in many skin tones, a broad selection of beautiful yarns for doll hair, lush cotton knit velour for cuddly dolls and dolly clothes, sewing threads, notions and wood peg doll figures.

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